Weed Control

We spray common and noxious weeds in the Eastern Victoria region, mainly in the Yarra Ranges, Yarra Valley, Murrindindi an Nillumbik areas.


Why Control Weeds?

Weeds can limit productivity and impact on livelihood and also cause a threat to our native bush land and waterways. Some of the local common weeds we spray are listed below:

  • Blackberries
  • Honeysuckle
  • Trad (tradescantia)
  • Thistles (Spear & Spanish)
  • Broom (English, Flax-leaf & Cape)
  • Onion  Weed
  • Creeping Buttercup
  • Bridal Creeper
  • Cape Weed
  • Ivy (English & Cape)
  • Gorse

We Can assist in the identification of weeds and advise on the best approach for effective control using the latest methods. Our reliable rainfall and seasonal changes in the area make it ideal for Blackberries to grow and are an ongoing problem. We spray blackberries in the warmer months from Summer to Autumn and can vary depending on their stage of growth and the season.

Blackberry vine up close
Spear Thistle
English Ivy

Where we control weeds

The types of properties we service are:

  • animal pastures – paddocks, fence lines, drains, Winter creeks, horse yards
  • vineyards – boundaries, beneath dormant vines, car park boundaries
  • commercial – driveways, boundaries and depot yards
  • domestic – garden areas and small hobby farms
  • public – paths, Winter creeks, river fronage and bush land

How we control weeds

Application Methods

The method of application and types of herbicides (selective and non-selective) used on properties is determined by the terrain, its use, type of weeds and the time of year.

The methods and practices we use comply with Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and other related governing bodies.

High Volume Application

This method is suited to all areas, including sensitive areas where weed infestation is medium to heavy. The area is treated using 4WD vehicle / twin rig Quickspray unit with attached long hoses (200m) with spray guns.

Low Volume -Boom Spraying

This method is best suited to pastures and open areas where weeds are heavily infested and are medium height. The entire area is treated using 4 WD vehicle / quad bike with a boom spray that has variable heights and is fixed to the vehicle.

Low Volume – Knapsack Spraying

This method is best suited to sensitive areas like native bush land and water frontage areas where it is difficult to access. Targeting weeds that have 1 – 2 years growth and weed coverage is light.

Weed Wiper – Application

This method is best suited to paddocks for selective control of hard to mange weeds. It wipes herbicide across weeds sitting high in a paddock, treating weeds but leaving pasture untouched. It is most effective if the paddock has been grazed prior to application. Work can be carried out on windy days as there is no spray drift with this type of application.

Cut & Paint / Drill & Fill

This method is best suited to all areas where woody weeds are present especially in native bush  land and sensitive water frontage areas where access is difficult. Woody weeds are cut and painted with herbicide or drilled and filled with herbicide.

For more information regarding any of these services, give us a call
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